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Assigning Venue Employees

Can I assign employees with different account to scan and sell tickets at my venue?

Yes, you can! In order for an employee to be assigned to your venue, they must first have an account on Passage. Simply have them create an account at this link: This will sign up them with event creator permissions, which will allow them to use the app. [Note: If you see an error message containing "JSON Parse Error: Unrecognized Token" when logging into the app, then this means your account was not set up as an event creator. Just log in at  and click the "Create an Event" button and you'll be able to use the app.]

To set up your employees, just head over to your "Venues" tab in your admin section of the Passage website, and click the "Employees" link listed under your venue's name and address. Click the "New Employee" button, and enter the account email of your employee. Choose the level of access you want them to have for both the app and as a web admin, then hit "Add Employee."

Mobile App Access:
- None: Employee cannot use the Passage Manager app for your venue's events.
- Scan: Employee may scan tickets into the event to redeem, but may NOT unredeem a customer's tickets or sell tickets in-person.
- Scan/Return: Employee may scan tickets in or out of the event to redeem or unredeem, but may NOT sell tickets in-person.
- Scan/Return/Sell: Employee may scan tickets in or out of the event to redeem or unredeem, as well as sell tickets at your event in-person.

 Web Admin Access:
- None: Employee cannot access your admin account or event info on the website.
- Event Creator: Employee may create new events and edit event info including ticket types, event times, and description. However, they may not view reporting for event ticket sales.
- Reporting: Employee may view reporting for all event ticket sales. However, they may not create new events or edit existing events.
- Both: Employee may create new events and edit event info, and view reporting for all event ticket sales.